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ar_sciffy's Journal

The Roslinites Crib Notes
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This community is to keep all the Adama/Roslin fans from Sciffy up to date with our thread.
This journal has been created to serve as a weekly news letter (or update) for the rapidly growing number of people who love our Adama/Roslin shipper thread on sciffy (other wise known as the official scifi board).

The Adama/Roslin shipper thread on sciffy collects more newbies then any other thread on the board. We are friendly (but not sappy), enthusiatic (but not over the top), fun (but not..umm ok maybe a little crazy), group of girls and guys (yes I did say guys). Who love chatting about all things Adama/Roslin and Mary and EJO related. Because there are so many of us now it is often difficult to keep up, hence the creation of this community.

Here you will find a weekly round up of what's been discussed, who's been owned, links to articles of A/R, Mary or EJO importance, thread bombs, fan art and music vids. The difference between this community and other A/R communities is that all content on this site comes from the posters in that thread. So when you do post here please tell us your sciffy username so we know who is chatting to us.

I will add more information when I get back to my fellow Roslinites on the board, but I hope that gives you all a good idea of what we are trying to do here.
If any of you are looking for general Adama/Roslin or EJO, Mary LJ groups that have nothing to do with Sciffy then a good list can be found below:

adama_roslin - Survival Instinct- The original A/R community that has also spawned the fabulous fanfic archive of the same name, Survival Instinct: A/R Fanfic Archive
roslin_adama - Roslin & Adama- Another community for the A/R fans.
chamalla_dreams - Chamalla Dreams- For all things Laura related.
william_adama Everything Edward James Olmos/Bill Adama related you will find here. These peeps know their stuff :)
mary_mcawesome Everything Mary McDonnell related you will find here.