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Dying Leader

I just went to see (again and again) the episode 1*10 of BSG (the Hand of God). And I just went to realize something I put under a LJ cut. It's just speculation.

Elosha told Laura the prophecy about the Dying Leader who will see 10+2 snakes (vipers) as a sign and the DL won't see the Promise Land.
Just after this scene we see Adama in the War Room in front of 3+9 vipers...a clue!
So we know that Ron Moore is a genius, we know that anything is that it seems to be in BSG, EJO told us A/R's story is heartbreaking.I have the feeling That Laura is the Final cylon... but Bill, can he be the Dying Leader?

Soory for my english.

What do you think?

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