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Welcome to the archive!

Since I opened the community I thought I better make the first post. I know for some of you this is your first LJ community or step into LJ land so don't worry I will explain how everything works in a manner which hopefully won't cause you all to run screaming for the hills.
As many of you have probably read the User info you will know what we basically want to accomplish here. The community is set up to be an archive for the shipper thread.

Here are some of the things I am thinking of archiving;
* Fanfic- (eg. the latest updates and links to SVRaven's fic)
* Thread bombs- All our A/R bombs in one place for easy access
* Fan Art- Anything else that doesn't fit into the Thread bomb category such as
Stacey's comics etc.
* Board issues- Keep track of various polls, threads relevant to A/R and board games
* Meetups- Keep track of who is meeting who and where, photos from meetups etc.
* Episode discussions- Any discussions we have of specific episodes we have in the
thread can be stored here.
* Weekly round up (still unsure about this one as it requires a lot of work)- These posts will hopefully be a place where I can briefly catch everyone up on what has happened in the thread during the week. I will edit the post daily or every few days to add new content.

There are probably more categories we could think of but those are the basic ones. The reason they are put into categories is to make the posts easier to find. You can find posts that will come under these categories through LJ tags. More information on how tags work can be found at the link below:

This journal is only to be used for archiving and A/R thread news (Hurt and Heal game updates etc), general posts should still be done at sciffy in the A/R thread.

This entry will also be the only entry not friends locked simply as a welcome statement. In order to read the archive you need to be a regular or friend of the A/R thread on the scifi board. Click the link to join this community and your membership request will be sent off to be approved. You will then need to send myself (my username: Roslin_is_gorgeous) a private message on the scifi board telling me your LJ username so I can add you to the membership.
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